Artists A-Z

Louis Abel-Truchet

Richard Allen

Sally Arnup

Paul Arts


Hamish Blakley

Sandra Blow

Antonietta Brandeis

Sir George Clausen

Beryl Cook

P. J. Crook

Francesca Currie

Ernest Ehlers

Mary Fedden

William Russell Flint

Donald Hamilton Fraser

Srinjoy Gangopadhyay

Stuart Luke Gatherer

William Lee Hankey

Rob Hefferan

Helge Helme

Damien Hirst

Axel Hou

Ken Howard

Justin Humphreys

David James

Carl Johansson

Martyn Jones

Cecil Kennedy

George Goodwin Kilburne

Cathy Lewis

Robert Lenkiewicz

Donald McIntyre

Maxime Maufra

James Morrison

Bernard Myers

Beata Orosz

Dione Page

On the plate by Dione Page depicts a lobster and crab served on a plater surounded by citrus and sea shells upon a deep red table cloth.

Fabian Pérez

Jeffrey Pratt

Lucy Pratt

Vittorio Reggianini

Bashful Model by Vittorio Reggianini depicts a pale women wearing a cyan blue dress that's drapping on the carpet below. The women stands infront of a gold desk and open jewellery box.

Eric Rhohnstad

David Roberts

Wendy Satchwell


Harold Speed

Finn Stone

George Turner

This George Turner painting depicts a man ad his horse walking along a field during a pink and blue sky.

Sherree Valentine-Daines

Fritz Wagner

Henry Oliver Walker

George Augustus Williams

Kyffin Williams

Hendrik Jan Wolter