Roxy Winterburn – Cute as buttons


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Roxy Winterburn (British born.)
Cute as buttons

Medium: Bronze
Size: 28 x 28 x 14 cm
Signature: Edition 8

Direct from the artist’s studio, United Kingdom


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The versatile yorkshire artist and chemist has a diverse background in art, science and animal conservation. Blending all three passions has allowed Roxy to forge a unique identity as an expressive, stylised sculptor with a keen eye for detail and talent for producing high-quality bronze works.

“I like stylised art. A piece doesn’t necessarily have to be a realistic representation of a subject; it is what it is, and I want that to come through in my work. For example, I have created my pieces so you can recognise the animals, but they don’t have to be an exact replica of the real thing.”

Roxy creates all of her original sculptures at the family’s foundry. Although she occasionally creates a quick sketch of her idea, she often heads straight to the workshop to start bringing the sculpture to life. She adds: “Each day in the workshop is different to the last. Some days I might be sculpting, and others I can be making lost-wax casts, welding or chasing the bronze works. I am able to do every part of the process, from the very start of sculpting to the final patinated bronze.”

Behind Roxy’s art is a fascination with the way the world works. Amazed by how changing just one molecular bond can alter a state, she uses her scientific knowledge to formulate her own patinas. Different heats and chemicals create a unique reaction that cannot be replicated. As a result, each of the studio editions has a unique finish. The colours are muted to reflect Roxy’s belief that art should be ever-lasting and live within the home.

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