Millie Watson – Macau


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Millie Watson (British born.)

Medium: Oil on canvas
Unframed Size: 19.75 Inches, circular canvas
Signature: Signed verso

Provenance: Direct from the artist’s studio, United Kingdom

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Millie Watson is a globally exhibited artist, exhibiting in institutes in São Paulo Brazil, Athens Greece as well as the mall galleries in the lovely London. Watson has a fine arts degree with honours from Bath. During her studies she involved herself in many exhibitions across Bath. She managed exhibitions, to curation, marketing and even exhibiting her art works. She continues to surround herself by the art world.

She has said ‘painting is an expression of oneself. Whether you intend it or not, your emotions are thread into the piece like a timecapsule, I think there is something so simple yet beautiful about this’ she further explained that is why she focuses of portraiture. She is able to explore her heritage through portraiture but also navigate themes of identity for many women, saying ‘People are so complex I think that’s why I enjoy painting them. Technique wise it can be a challenge but also understanding the person within the piece, I’m constantly learning from it’.

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