Fabian Pérez – Brindis con Whiskey


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Fabian Pérez, Argentinian (1967)
Brindis con Whiskey

Oil on canvas
Unframed size: 14 x 18 Inches
Framed size: 27 x 31.5 Inches


Private Location, UK

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Fabian Pérez is a figurative painter. He was born in 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pérez had a difficult up bringing. His father was a dangerous man, gambling their lively hood by running illegal bordellos and nightclubs; Often going to jail. Pérez remembers the stress of these times but also the strength from his mother. His mother was artistic and encouraged Pérez to develop his aptitude for art.

Pérez spent time in Rio, living the life of a nomad and finding refuge on warm beaches. Then onto Italy in Padova outside of Venice. It was in Padova where Pérez started his career as a painter. Pérez describes painting as a refuge “what painting means to me is that I escape from the world I don’t like. I feel so comfortable doing it”.

For Pérez, the purpose of art is to perpetuate beauty, he says “That is what I am always striving for. God created the world and embellished it with the wonders of nature. I think it is the artist’s job to embellish it with his work”.

Pérez now has a studio in Los Angeles. He lives in L.A. with his wife Luciana and his three children. Luciana is the inspiration for many of his paintings acting as his muse. This romantic relationship helps him view the world with rose tinted glasses which only enhances the romance of his paintings. Pérez has made it clear in interview of the importance romance has to his art,  “I am constantly fighting for a more romantic world, one where the woman and the man have defined roles and power isn’t always the goal”. Pausing, he says, “I would like to say that it is not important what you have, but how you enjoy it”.

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